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Personal brand photography chicago il

Author and Speaker Personal Brand Photography Session

My number 1 request for personal brand photography sessions is outdoors. Outdoor photography sessions any time of the year are beautiful, but I don’t think indoor personal brand photo sessions get enough credit. When my client, Toni, scheduled her personal brand photography session for January, she knew we would most […]

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personal brand photos

How to Tell a Story with your Personal Brand Photos

Great personal brand photos are so much more than a good-looking headshot. I know, not everyone likes to get their picture taken but hear me out… Personal brand photos tell the entire story of you and your brand through images. They capture your personality and help bring your entire personal […]

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how i batchwork my social media content

How I Batchwork My Social Media Content

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to plan out my social media content but became so overwhelmed that I ended up doing none of it. It took me years of testing scheduling tools, buying courses, and scouring blog articles to finally realize I need to do […]

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2021 goals

3 Simple Steps to Setting Achievable Goals

Are you hesitant to set goals this year? I had BIG goals for 2020 and no sooner did I set them, the world took a hard left turn, which left me stumbling. Now, I love goal setting and I’m pretty good at it, but I couldn’t bring myself to set […]

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Three Wells Acupuncture Summer Personal Brand Photography Session | Morris, IL

I recently wrapped up a personal brand photography session with Laurie Stone, of Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic in Morris, IL. We actually started her personal brand photography session back in January. You can take a peek at her other session here. When we started planning for Laurie’s personal brand photography […]

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Sarah R Peterson Referral Program

SRP Perks | Referral Program

Have I told you lately you rock? Well, if not, here’s my way of letting you know! I wanted a way to show you how much I appreciate it when you refer either my Photography or my Social Media Management services, so I created a referral program called SRP Perks. […]

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