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More Than One Look for Your Headshot

While headshots are intended to present a professional appearance, there is more than one way to make your headshot work. Headshots reflect your personality, your identity, and your brand. However, there is more than one use for a headshot. Headshots can be used for your resume, LinkedIn profile, company directory, an audition, or even just for fun.

Studio Headshots

Extended Headshot Session

  • 60-minute studio session, up to 2 outfits
  • 15 high resolution digital images
Standard Headshot Session
  • 30-minute studio session, 1 outfit
  • 5 high resolution digital images
One & Done Headshot Session
  • 10-minute studio session, 1 outfit
  • 1 high resolution, retouched digital image

Individual Studio Headshots Starting at $129
Additional fee for 2+ people
On-location available

Group Studio Headshots

For teams of 4 for more

10 minute studio session per person
1 high resolution, retouched digital image per person
1 high resolution digital image per group

Starting at $99 per person
Custom quotes for 20+ people
On-location available

Additional Services

Facial Retouching (skin softening, blemish removal)
Starting at $39 per image

Advanced Photo Retouching (sky swap, distractions)
Starting at $99 image

Additional High Resolution Digital Images
Starting at $19 per image

On-location fee based on mileage

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