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Realtor Headshot Session

What do you think of when I say, “Realtor Headshot?” Do you think of a boring headshot that looks like it came out of a high school yearbook? Now, I believe you should have a professional “boring” headshot in your arsenal of personal brand photos, but I also believe all of your headshots don’t have to be that way. When local realtor, Teddy Dow, came to see me for an Extended Headshot Session, I was able to capture a variety of images, in a short session, for use on her website and social media accounts.

Professional Headshot

I’ve said it before… I believe everyone needs 1 professional headshot. You know the kind where it’s taken from the shoulders up and is comparable to a high school yearbook photo. Teddy needed a professional headshot for her website but rather than dress in professional attire, such as a blazer, she wanted to dress the way she would arrive to show a house – a little more casual.

Personal Brand Photography Chicago Illinois

Action Images

One of the questions I asked Teddy during our planning of her session was, “What tools do you use to do your job?” She told me that she does a lot on her phone and iPad, so I suggested she bring those with her to the session. When you bring the tools of your trade to your personal brand photography session, I can capture images of you working so your clients can get an idea of what you do behind the scenes.

Personal Brand Photography Chicago Illinois

Detail Shots

When you are considering photos for your website and social media, it’s a good idea to consider detail images, which can be used like personalized stock photos. These detail shots can be used as background images on a website or add to your social media rotation. For Teddy’s detail shots, we focused on the tools she uses the most – her iPhone, iPad, and watch.

Personal Brand Photography Chicago Illinois

Regardless of the type of image, I was able to capture of Teddy, her smile was really the focus of all her pictures. You cannot fake a genuine smile and Teddy is a genuinely happy person!

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