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Three Tips to Great Personal Brand Photos

Do you want to know which photos get the most engagement on social media? It’s a photo of you! Great personal brand photos can transform your entire business. They have the power to make your audience connect with you on a deeper level, trust your expertise, and want to support your business. So how can you make sure the photos you get from your personal brand photoshoot are the best they can possibly be? A great personal brand photo comes down to three things – branding, quality, and purpose.


Have you ever been scrolling Instagram and came across a photo from a friend’s business and thought, ‘There’s something off about that picture?’ It may not have been the right “feel” for their business, or colors, or location. That’s because I bet you can tell a generic stock photo from a branding photo.

Great personal brand photos are completely branded, from composition to color schemes to wardrobe choices. They capture your unique personality. They’re filled with thoughtful details such as props and intentional accent colors. They’re a visual representation of who you are as a person and what you offer to potential clients.


Not everyone can tell a low-quality photo from just looking at it, but once you start comparing low-quality images to high-quality images, there is no contest. Great personal brand photos are a work of art. They’re well thought out, with a story behind them. And they’re taken by a professional photographer who knows how to bring that story to life and make the subject look their best.

Personal Brand Photography Chicago Illinois


The best personal brand photos are taken with a specific purpose in mind. They’re deeply connected to your business’s goals, whether you’re looking to rebrand your business, launch your business, or introduce a new product. You know where you’ll use them online and how they’ll support your marketing efforts. Every photo is taken with those intentions in mind, leading to a really cohesive and impactful result.

Before you book your personal brand photographer, it’s up to you to do your homework and decide how your photos will fit your brand and express your individuality. Think about how you want these photos to move your business forward. Once you’re ready, find a photographer you can trust, one with experience in personal brand photography and storytelling.

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