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3 Simple Steps to Setting Achievable Goals

Are you hesitant to set goals this year? I had BIG goals for 2020 and no sooner did I set them, the world took a hard left turn, which left me stumbling. Now, I love goal setting and I’m pretty good at it, but I couldn’t bring myself to set goals this year. I also had an uneasy feeling when I thought about NOT having goals this year. I like to hold myself accountable for moving the needle in my business, so I decided to try something different. Are you in the same boat? I’m going to show you how I am setting achievable goals this year without SMART Goals so you can be inspired to keep moving your needle forward this year too.


I’m sure you’ve heard the best type of goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals, right? SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. But for me, SMART goals were too concrete this year. I want to be more flexible and give myself A LOT of wiggle room in case I need to pivot, again. So, instead of setting SMART goals, I’m setting “intention words.”


After the shock of 2020, does it feel more comfortable to be flexible with your goals? Rather than SMART goals, I am finding intention words are helping me stay focused on my long-term goals while also giving me flexibility in the short-term. I had to find a happy medium between the uneasy feeling of not having goals and the anxiety of having concrete goals.


One of my absolute favorite quotes is, “Strive for progress, not perfection.” I have to remind myself of this often because I’m an impatient person. I want everything NOW and rarely do things move as quickly as I would like. So, my intention words are going to help me move forward toward my long-term goals, even if it’s just baby steps.

My Words

So, what are my words for this year…

  • Connection: Just because the pandemic has made many aspects of our lives virtual, doesn’t mean that we have to lose connection with people. I want to continue to build relationships – both personal and professional.
  • Purpose: I struggled last year with my purpose for my business. My business was already in the middle of a transition when the pandemic started, and I felt like I was pivoting, while I was pivoting, which just left me spinning. This year, I’m giving my business a purpose.
  • Strength: Specifically, strength over fear. I battle with anxiety which holds me back from doing a lot of things. I’m in a constant “pep talk” with myself to just do [insert whichever thing I’m working on]. I am going to work on releasing some of that anxiety and just “do the thing.”
  • Health: In October 2020, I started a health journey due to some creeping medical issues. This year, I’m focusing on my overall health and the health of my family members.

If goal setting seems a little daunting this year, here’s my solution to being flexible, staying focused, and moving forward. Do you think you’ll set intentions or SMART goals for this year? I would love it if you followed along on my journey by subscribing to my email list or following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. And here’s to your best year yet!

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