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I couldn’t be happier to be working with my personal trainer, Tonya Vidito, on her own personal branding photography journey. Tonya has big plans for this year including growing the gym she owns with her husband, Nick, and launching an online fitness coaching program.

Our first session took place in downtown Morris, Illinois – just outside of Chicago, Illinois – since this is where Tonya is located. She wanted some images that reflect her fun, flirty, and fitness orientated personality. Even though she owns a gym, Tonya prefers running, biking, and being outdoors so naturally we had her first personal branding photography session outside.

As you can probably tell, Tonya is no stranger to the camera. She is a top-ranking fitness and bikini model, so you probably think she has this “modeling thing” down. While Tonya has no problem striking a pose, one of the reasons she came to me was because of my photography posing abilities. Since the types of poses Tonya is used to as a fitness and bikini model are different than typical photography poses, Tonya wanted to work with a professional photographer to guarantee she gets great poses that reflect her personality in her personal branding photography session.

Tonya is also a bit of a techie when it comes to keeping track of her fitness goals, which is why she wanted a few images of her gadgets as part of her brand.

How is Tonya using these images to build her personal brand? These first set of images from Tonya’s personal branding photography session will be used by her to launch her online fitness coaching program on her website and her social media feed.

I’m currently working with Tonya on a monthly basis to help build her personal brand and can’t wait to continue to show you what we have accomplish.

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