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Being a photographer, I get asked all the time to take pictures for families, weddings, and businesses but one of my favorite projects has been working with Animal Care Hospital in Morris, Illinois – just outside of Chicago, Illinois – on their personal branding photography session.

Who reading this is passionate about their pets? I’m guilty! We recently had to say goodbye to our 14-year-old retired racing greyhound, Paris. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do but after a couple years of deteriorating health, we knew it was for the best. Through all of Paris’ health issues, we were fortunate to have an excellent team of veterinary care that were compassionate and had ours and Paris’ best interests in mind.

The team at Animal Care Hospital has been our veterinarians for many years so when they asked me to document their personal branding photography session, I had a good idea what they were looking for.

Before any personal branding photography session, I always have a consultation with my clients to learn exactly what they are needing from their images. In addition to some great interactive images, I learned Animal Care Hospital needed some images that could be used on their website for banner images and images that would be used for social media. This is so important to know before going into a session because these types of images need to be captured different than typical portraits and action shots.

They wanted to highlight just how caring and compassionate the entire staff at the clinic is toward all of our pets. This was so much fun because we literally had ALL the staff involved in the process. Looking through these images just make me smile – I have so many favorites from this session!

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Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0045.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0035.jpgPersonal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0036.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0037.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0046.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0041.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0034.jpgPersonal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0033.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0038.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0039.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0043.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0042.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0044.jpg
Personal Brand Photography Chicago Veterinarian_0040.jpg

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