5 Ways to Use Props in Your Brand Photography

I don’t know about you, but I never know what to do with my hands when taking a picture – especially a picture where I’m the only one in it. Do I keep them down at my side; do I fold them in front of me; do I put them on my hips? Ugh, so awkward!

One way to get past awkward hand placements is to use props in your brand photography images. Using props in your images not only gives your hands something to do but you can also add elements that relate to your brand so you give the viewer more insight into who you are.

I’m sure you can recall at least a handful of images where you see a woman holding a coffee mug cupped her hands with the words “Girl Boss” on it. How do you think this image represents her?

Personally, I think she must love coffee and she may be a female entrepreneur. Maybe the coffee cup is pink so I would think she likes the color pink and since pink represents femininity, she is probably feminine. Wow… That’s a lot of information in ONE picture!

I’ve included a few images of how I took a 60 minute Mini Brand & Headshot Session and created a great headshot and a couple of brand images for Teddy Dow.

Here are 5 ways you can use props in your photos to enhance your brand:

  1. Props can be used to bring in your brand colors. Cushions or pillows on a couch or different color files, notebooks or pens are just some examples of how you can incorporate pops of color. If you’re incorporating any electronics such as your phone or laptop, you could get a cover that matches your brand as a way to feature your brand colors.
  2. Props can be used to help personalize your photos. Incorporate items that help showcase what you do during the day. A funky planning board is a good example.
  3. Props can also be used to create a connection with a potential client. Showcasing certain books on your desk or coffee table featuring titles that resonate with your audience is one such prop idea.
  4. Add a few personal touches to your workspace to give clients an idea of what you’re all about. Flowers, a camera or a passport (if you love to travel) could work really well for this.
  5. Detail shots such as a close up of your hands typing on your laptop or of your coffee mug next to your laptop are also some popular prop ideas.

How would you use props to represent your brand? What colors would you use? What adjectives would you use to describe your brand? You can make a list of the elements and details you want to show up in your brand and use them in your next brand photography session.

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