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3 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

At the time I write this article, we are six weeks into our Stay-at-home order and here in Illinois, we have at least another four to go. Chances are, your day-to-day life has changed a lot lately. I know mine has – BIGTIME!

I’ve gone from working in an office 8 hours a day with my daughter ins daycare to “trying” to working from home full-time while keeping my 4-year-old distracted long enough for me to get something accomplished. I’ve had to drastically make a mindset change by lowering my expectations of what I can get accomplished in a day. And I have to say, it’s been tough!

But even with all of these changes, one thing still matters… Your Personal Brand. Here’s why now you need to make sure your personal brand is where it should be:

  1.  With less face-to-face interaction, your online presence is key: Reaching new customers online has always been a great way to build up your client base and grow your audience – but now, it’s pretty much the only way. People will “meet” you through your social media pages and website, not likely in-person. Make sure your online brand is an accurate reflection of who you are and what you have to offer, from your website to your logo to your personal brand photos.
  2. Focus on engaging content for your audience: Did you know that social media usage is up 35%! People have more time on their hands to tool around online and discover new brands. If you create valuable, compelling online content, be it amazing Instagram photos or YouTube videos, there’s a higher likelihood that more people will be consuming your content. Make sure your content engages your audience. Then, they’ll be drawn to you and your personal brand.
  3.  People have new needs and chances are, you can meet some of them: As people’s circumstances change, their needs and desires often change as well. I bet you weren’t Googling “Home Offices” two months ago! With so many people pivoting their careers and hobbies right now, chances are you may have something that’s of interest to people now that wasn’t in the past. Having a thoughtful, compelling personal brand can help you attract new customers whose problems you’ll solve.

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Use this time to polish your online presence, create valuable, relevant content, and reach new clients whose lives you can improve. There’s never been a better time to invest time and energy into taking your brand to the next level.

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