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How to Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

I’m here to tell you that you need a social media strategy. You should not get on a platform just because your Gen Z niece says you should. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried Snap Chat before deleting it all together off my phone, yet I was a very early user on Pinterest (back when you needed an invite from the company to get started). Both of these platforms, and the other platforms I use, play a huge role in my overall strategy. It’s the reason why I couldn’t care less about TikTok but spend a substantial amount of time curating my Instagram. Here’s how you can get started with your social media strategy with just a few questions.

What is a social media strategy?

I know whenever I talk about strategy, I get visions of underground bunkers and military-style movements but that’s definitely not the case with social media. A social media strategy is a list of goals you plan to reach using social media. It helps you determine the types of actions you take on social media. You can have multiple goals and, not to complicate your strategy, but you could also build different strategies for each of the platforms you use.

Why is it important?

Having a social media strategy is important because, nowadays, almost everyone is on at least one platform. People not only use social media to connect with people and businesses but to also find out the legitimacy of a business. It’s like using the old-school yellow pages! Once you are using social media consistently, you can use the platform’s analytics to study your audience for better targeting and create a more personalized experience for your ideal client.

How do you create one?

Social media strategy isn’t about haphazardly posting whatever you want whenever you feel like it. When you start creating your strategy, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How do you want your business to be remembered (a.k.a. your brand)?
  • What types of content will you share?
  • Which social media platforms will you use?
  • What are the goals you want to achieve?
  • These questions will give you a good foundation for your strategy and you can even answer these questions for each platform you use.

Determining your social media strategy probably isn’t going to get finished in an hour. You will probably want to take a few days to really think about your answers. However, I know defining your strategy can make you feel overwhelmed. If you’re still stuck, feel free to contact me and we can work together to set your strategy.

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